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  • Healthy Snacks Can Boost Productivity & Concentration

    Healthy Snacks Can Boost Productivity & Concentration

    Studies have proven that some healthy snacks are more than just less sugary treats, but rather brain foods that can help boost productivity and concentration at work.

    Did you know that it takes just over 20 minutes to regain your concentration once you lose it? It’s one of the biggest problems people face in the workplace today, and even more so when working from home (which many of us are doing today). You would be in the zone, finishing off work like a dance, and all of a sudden you get a text or come across a trendy video and it’s gone. You lose concentration, and with it goes your productivity.

    As connected as we are today it might be hard to get rid of distractions, especially if your job demands that you sit in front of a computer or a smartphone. You can however help boost your concentration and maximize productivity with something as simple as a healthy snack.

    When most people think healthy snacks, they think of something that is tasty, bite size, and doesn’t contain much added sugar, fats or sodium, and is low in calories. Well that is generally true. But besides not containing the bad stuff found in unhealthy snacks, healthy snacks, if chosen correctly, could have tons of benefits that make you want them within reach all the time.

    Remember how the sentence before said “if chosen correctly”? That is because while there are many foods that can help with concentration, there are two “snacks” that stand out; nuts and dark chocolate.

    If you start keeping nuts or nut-based snacks close by while you’re working, you will notice a huge change for the better. Nuts are packed with protein, fiber and good fats, which are essential for both body and mind, as well as a high content of antioxidants, vitamin E and amino acids, all of which are known to enhance brain performance.

    When it comes to dark chocolate, a 2018 study at Loma Linda University in California found that chocolate with high concentration of cacao can have a huge impact on “cognition, memory, mood, immunity and other beneficial effects.” It is therefore smart to replace the sugar-packed chocolate bar with some rich dark chocolate.

    So if the secret to productivity and concentration is in what you’re snacking on, the solution is simple; just fill that office drawer with some healthy snacks. And if you end up finding healthy snacks that are made from both nuts and dark chocolate, then you’d have hit the jackpot (or just found your way to the This is Nuts website). Enjoy and be productive!


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  • Nuts are the summer diet you want

    Nuts are the summer diet you want

    Since every season has it’s eating rituals, we’re gonna tell you how nuts can change your summer diet forever.

    Hot drinks and soups are popular during winter, seasonal greens are eaten during spring and autumn has it’s cozy treats, but summer foods are without a doubt the best. During the sunny season many of us stop thinking of what we’re eating and start to indulge in everything tasty. This may be because it’s too late to work on your summer body (summer is here and it is what it is), or we just simply want to enjoy it to the max in every way possible. However, as well as always preach, tasty foods don't have to be unhealthy, a bit of nuts in your summer diet can be both healthy and delicious.

    While different continents eat them differently, nuts are popular foods all over the world. Having been part of the human diet for more than 11,000 years, they are among the oldest sources of nutrition known to man, and for good reason. Kernels found inside fruits contain high amounts of unsaturated fats (the good kind), as well as fibers and protein, making them tiny bundles of superfoods. They are also generally rich in vitamins such as folic acid, niacin and vitamins E and B6, as well as minerals like magnesium, copper, potassium, selenium, zinc and phosphorus.

    In practice, a fist full of nuts a day can drastically improve your health and provide you with your complete nutritional needs for the coming spin along the planet’s axis. You could of course snack on them, which is one of my favorite ways to eat nuts, but there are more creative (and tasty) ways to include them in your summer diet.

    On hot summer days you usually crave something cool or cold to help you cope with the heat. During such days you can sprinkle a mixture of chopped nuts on your yoghurt and have a deliciously crunchy breakfast or healthy light lunch. Another way to cool down is to drink cold drinks, and many of them become a bit tastier (and way more fun) if you add whole pine nuts or almonds, such are rosewater or lemonade.

    Salads are also popular summer foods, and we love them because they are just as nutritious as they are tasty and colorful. You can include nuts in nearly every type of salad, especially if they contain any type of cheese. When that is the case, we recommend crushed walnuts, cashews and/or pine nuts.

    And of course, we won’t leave out the grill. One of the most popular summer pastime activities is barbecuing, and nuts fit in on the barbecue table well too. Nuts can be blended into many sauces and marinades, crushed and used for seasoning (try crushed cashews with chicken), as well as in salads, snacks, and in drinks as mentioned above.

    Overall, summer diet only gets better once you toss in a handful of nuts. Don’t be afraid of experimenting and testing out what nut fits into what, the worst thing that could happen is that you get a crunchy, healthy food to snack on.

    *All photos are from our upcoming cookbook that includes recipes of healthy and tasty dishes and treats made with nuts.
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  • This is Nuts Skin-On Cashews Origin Story

    This story starts in the middle of a tropical jungle, on an island in the Indian Ocean, right next to a huge volcano. It’s the story of the This is Nuts Skin-on Cashews.

    The cashew nut might very well be the undisputed master of all nuts (even though it’s technically a seed and not a nut). People just love everything about it, from its curved shape to its crunchy yet creamy texture. And if they are not tasty enough as they are, they come in a variety of flavors, from simply salted to more complex seasonings ranging from sweet to hot. There is however a newcomer to town; one that is set to change the way we eat the nut forever - the This is Nuts Skin-on Cashews.

    On the foothills of Mount Agung in Eastern Bali lies a small village that strives mainly from one particular thing, growing cashews. Every morning villagers come into the farm, which is also a factory, to harvest, sun-dry, peel and roast cashews. From afar, it looks like any other farm that grows the nut around the world, but this particular farm stands out for its ability to produce skin-on cashews.

    The reason you have never seen a cashew nut in its shell is because it’s actually toxic. Actually, it is botanically related to the poison-ivy, and just like the nasty plant, the Urushiol that lines the inside of the shell can cause a painful rash. For this reason, all the cashew nuts you’ve eaten (unless you’ve tried skin-on cashews) have been completely stripped naked.

    While big corporations want to mass produce in the cheapest and fastest way possible, our friends in Bali have another focus. By giving each nut individual attention, they have developed a technique that allows to leave the thin layer of skin that lies directly on the cashew nut intact. 

    “Well, what difference does it make?,” you ask. Besides adding a heavenly satisfying crunch to it, the skin-on cashew is superior in nutritional value. Compared to naked nuts, our This Is Nuts Skin-on Cashews have 10% less calories, 4.5 times more fiber, and 10 times more polyphenols (powerful antioxidants). This makes them technically a superfood.

    The This is Nuts Skin-on Cashews come in three delightful flavors: tropical cacao, roasted + sea salt, and garlic + pepper, making sure that there’s a flavor for every taste and every mood. They are 100% natural and completely dry roasted, making them perfect for you who are watching your calorie intake.

    When it comes to food products, you can’t really capture their true experience until yourself, and the Skin-on Cashews are no different. We have explained what makes them different and what makes them special, but to truly understand them you’ll need to try them out yourself.

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